Your Guide to the Perfect Summer BBQ

Use These Outdoor Entertaining Hacks To Stay Cool This Summer

These summer party tips, tricks and hacks will help make outdoor entertaining more chilled out THIS SUMMER HOLIDAY for you and your guests (roll on July 19th).

Summer, in all its shining glory, draws us all outdoors and dining al fresco is one of the season’s greatest pleasures. It’s wonderful to BBQ in your back garden, take a picnic to the park, drink cocktails on the beach and entertain friends and family in the sun.

Check out these handy tips to make outdoor entertaining as perfect as it can be, for you and for your guests.

The Perfect BBQ

Choose game meat for your next BBQ. Game meat is delicious barbecued but also very low in fat and cholesterol but with Omega 3 benefits. Game is very high in Iron and contains higher levels of many beneficial nutrients including vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc Vitamin B(6) and Selenium. Selenium is an important part of our diet that we often lack and helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The Wild and Game BBQ Box on Buy Britain includes:

  • 1 x Venison Steaks
  • 2 x 4oz Game Burgers
  • 6 x Premium Venison And Pheasant Sausages – 400g
  • 2 x Pheasant Breasts (vacuum packed)
  • 2 x 4oz Venison and Wild Boar Burgers
  • 2 x Mallard Breasts
BBQ box - Wild And Game - Small BBQ Pack - Delicious BBQ British Game meat

TOP TIP: Did you know muscovado sugar and coffee combined gives your meat a caramelised finish that will bring it to life? Give it a try on venison steak for a flavourful protein punch. Otherwise, if you fancy something ‘pre-baked’, then this Conatum BBQ Steak rub is phenomenal and a must buy for the perfect BBQ.

For the perfect picnic blanket, you can’t beat Hettie’s 100% Shetland Pure New Wool Throws in beautiful hues. Perfect throws for snuggling on or for taking on a picnic. Made using pure new wool, Hettie throws carry the Woolmark, assurance quality to the highest standard. Beautifully soft but durable, these throws will be a stunning addition to your lifestyle and picnic. This stunning throw, in shades of blue is part of the Hettie Spa Collection. Mix and match with the other throw colours and cushions from this gorgeous collection inspired by nature.

You can’t have a summer BBQ without potato salad and coleslaw. There’s something about the classic creamy concoction (not to mention mayo-based coleslaw and pasta salad) that just screams summer. The MAY-OH from Buy Britain might cost more than supermarket mayonnaise but it’s the business – made from beautiful Cotswold Gold oil, RSPCA Assured free range eggs and, unlike other brands, you won’t find a long list of unnecessary ingredients on this jar. Keep it cool by nestling the serving bowl or plate in a larger bowl full of ice.

Keep the kids entertained in the garden all summer with Teddo Play’s amazing educational games, including inspiring and fun ways to learn about Animals & Their Young, Human Anatomy, 2D and 3D shapes, What’s The Word for That Sound?, Names of Groups – Collective Nouns, Food Facts, Popular Countries of the World, Birds of Prey, Insects, Farm & Wild Animals, Dinosaurs and Space.

Your Perfect Summer Drink

Simply add raspberries to any drink to turn it into a perfect summer spritzer. Fresh British Raspberries have been introduced into this intensely flavoured Raspberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur. The nose is full of ripe berries which continue onto the palate before a long and refreshing elderflower finish. An ideal accompaniment to Prosecco, but just as delicious with soda or tonic water and ice on a balmy summer’s evening.

Or why not try the sparkling wine case at to take you through the summer – each sparkling wine in this case is selected from small and artisanal wineries around England. The bottles have been vetted and hand-picked by someone who really knows their way around the English wineries – Master of Wine, Clive Barlow. All cases come with Clive’s personal notes, sharing his knowledge on the provenance of the wines. It is your chance to discover why English wines are creating such a buzz.

TOP TIP: Keep Bugs Out of Your Drinks with Cupcake Liners

A brilliant and simple inversion of an inexpensive item keeps pesky gnats, flies, wasps, and other bugs from drowning in your drink. Simply flip a paper cupcake liner upside down and cut a nick in the centre with a sharp knife or scissors, then gently poke a straw (cardboard or metal straws, of course) through it to make a lid for any cup or glass.

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