Wooden Bath Boards: Why we all need a Bath Board

Bath Boards are THE perfect accessory to accentuate and accessorise your chill out time in the bath.   You already have the warm water scented with bubbles or perhaps a bath bomb, so now if you want to relax with an aromatherapy candle or perhaps read a book, with these handy little shelves you can go ahead without fear of dropping anything in the water.

Choose your design to suit and you can read the next chapter in your book, meditate a little while you listen to some music.  Or, perhaps soak away, while you watch your next episode on catch up on the Ipad.  You can unwind and enjoy a cheeky glass of wine, or a can of beer, cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit.  And, dare we say it, you can even chat with a friend on your phone. 

Mrs Hinch, arguably the nation’s favourite ‘Cleanfluencer’, is a superfan of the bath board and recommends the home spa look and sanctuary feel you can add to your bathroom.

Why not jump on the interior design trend of bringing the outside in.  Many plants like a light and a humid bathroom.  Perhaps an ivy, an air plant or a mini bamboo could take pride of place on your bath board during the day, highlighting the feel of your bathroom oasis.

Most wooden bath boards are treated with oil and wax but it is always a good idea to give it a quick wipe over when you have finished luxuriating.  Wood and water are not the best of friends, so look after your board, keep it in tip top condition and prolong it’s life.

In addition to being gorgeous the bath boards sold by The All Wooden Company on Buy Britain, are all hand crafted, eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan.  To accessorise we also have cute, cube shaped, oak Tea light holders by Webber Furniture which would sit perfectly on your bath board – Win Win.

Wooden Bath Boards on Buy Britain

This selection are all delivered for FREE in the UK – Bonus!

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