Why wood is the interior design trend of 2021

Spotlight on wood 🔦

Among all the materials, wood is fast becoming a popular choice to furnish the home, both in the UK and globally. Known for simplicity and warmth, it’s a natural material that can be unique when used for the production of furniture. This is in part thanks to the veins, the shades of colours and the imperfections, which make the furnishings highly personalised. Both Stylist and Vogue vote for the wood trend in 2021.

Webber furniture solid oak doorstop _ Personalised oak doorstop _ Buy British
Oak and rope doorstop by Webber Furniture, handmade in solid oak wood
Webber furniture solid oak doorstop _ Personalised oak doorstop _ Buy British
Personalised wood doorstop by Webber Furniture. Handmade in solid oak wood and personalised with laser etching

Webber Furniture produces beautiful wooden items for the home following traditional methods used by the company for over 100 years. This solid oak doorstop is from Webber Furniture’s new home accessory range. Manufactured on south coast of England and inset with a nautical rope handle, it is hand finished with a natural lacquer, giving it a contemporary coastal style. As a solid block of oak, this is a quality item with a substantial weight to it, so it will hold most types of doors. The wood doorstop comes in plain and personalised options. They are designed in their rural Lymington workshop using very high quality solid oak.

Wood isn’t confined to a home’s main living areas. Moving into the bathroom we can find some wonderful products which make use of wood as a material. Bath boards are make your can significantly enhance your bathing experience by having everything you need in easy reach away from the water. Wood is a great material for bath boards as it can be cut to form all sorts of practical shapes. Take a look at this wood bath board by the All Wooden Company. They had the ingenious idea of incorporating a groove to hold your wine glass or cocktail. Cheers to that!🍸


  1. There is something special about the tactile sensation of running your hands over a well-crafted, strong wooden object
  2. Wooden furniture presents a direct connection to the natural world whilst still at home
  3. Wood is considered both calming and stimulating. Many people find that being in an environment with solid wood sets their minds and bodies at ease
  4. The simplicity of wood can aid spatial and social awareness
  5. It is said that wood as a material can offer benefits to our health and wellbeing – a connection to nature through contact with wood can improve mental and physical wellbeing

Nature’s perfect material

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