What is the Difference Between Coppa and Prosciutto?

Over the festive seasons and at family events, cured meats are becoming ever more popular, especially when accompanied by a cheese board! But it can be hard to know the difference between the wide variety of cured meats available if you don’t have the correct information. Buy Britain is here to explain the difference between Coppa and Prosciutto, as well as which is better. 

So, what is the difference between Coppa and Prosciutto? The main difference between Coppa and Prosciutto is in the cut of meat. Whilst both are pork meat, Coppa is cut from the neck and shoulder muscle, whereas Prosciutto is cut from the rear end and leg of the pig. 

Read on to find out more about Coppa and Prosciutto, including whether Coppa tastes as good as Prosciutto, and if Capilcola is the same as Coppa. 

What is the Difference Between Coppa and Prosciutto? 

Coppa and Prosciutto are both types of cured meats that are typically used on charcuterie boards alongside flavoured cheeses and crackers. There are many other cured meats available on the market, including salami, pastrami, and chorizo, but Coppa and Prosciutto tend to be the favourites.

What is Coppa?

Coppa is a cured meat cut from the shoulder and neck of a pig and tends to be very fatty which results in a strong salty flavour. Coppa is best served as an appetiser alongside other meats and cheeses, baked breads, crackers, and butter portions. 

What is Prosciutto?

Prosciutto is a cured meat that is very similar to ham in that it is cut from the rear end and legs of the pigs which means that it tends to taste both salty and slightly sweet.
Prosciutto is best served on charcuterie boards or wrapped around pieces of sweet melon but can also be just as enjoyable served by itself. 

Differences Between Coppa and Prosciutto

There are multiple differences between Coppa and Prosciutto, including the cut of meat, the size of the cut, the price of the meat, and even the flavour. Below we will go into more details about these differences so you know exactly what you are looking for when doing your charcuterie board shopping this year. 

Cut of Meat

Both of the meats are cut from different ends of the pig, meaning that they have completely different flavours and structures. Coppa tends to be more meaty and fatty, whereas Prosciutto tends to only have fat on the outside of the cut of meat. 

Size of the Cut

Due to Prosciutto being cut from one of the largest areas of the pig, the rear, the cut of the meat tends to be a lot larger in comparison to Coppa, which comes from the muscle. 

Price of the Meat

Due to Prosciutto being a larger cut of meat it takes more preparation and time before it is suitable to be sold therefore it tends to cost more than Coppa. On average Prosciutto can cost between £2.50- £3.50 for 70 grams and in more premium shops can even cost upwards of £5. Whereas Coppa tends to be marginally cheaper with prices ranging from £1.50 – £3.50. 


Coppa has more fat distribution throughout the whole of the meat, whereas Prosciutto has fat on the edges. This means that the flavour and texture of Coppa is more consistent in flavour with a less chewy texture. 

Which is Better Coppa or Prosciutto?

Prosciutto tends to be the more popular cured meat out of the two due to its buttery flavour and soft texture which, for most, is more enjoyable. However, both are popular options for charcuterie boards, and are enjoyable based upon personal preference. 

Does Capicola Taste as Good as Prosciutto?

Capicola, also known as Coppa, is flavoured a lot differently to Prosciutto. Prosciutto is flavoured with salt which, on top of its natural salty flavour, can prove too salty for some tastes,  but perfect for others. 

On the other hand, Coppa is seasoned with a variety of flavours including wine, fennel and red pepper, which can appeal to alternative taste palates, especially during the festive seasons.

Is Coppa and Capicola the Same?

Yes, Coppa, also known as Capicola, is exactly the same traditional Italian cured meat that is cut from the neck muscle of the pig. The meat is prepared and ground with herbs and spices before being stuffed into a casing and made into the delicious cured meat that we all know and love. 

Coppa and Prosciutto at Buy Britain

Coppa and Prosciutto are some of the most popular salted cured meats in the UK, and continue to be a staple for special occasions and summer dishes. Buy Britain offers a selection of British bred meats including Coppa, salami, chorizo and even Marsh Pig Feast Charcuterie Boards. Take a look online today, or get in touch with us for more information about our British bred meat. 

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