How to Use Natural Beeswax on Hair

If you struggle with dry or damaged hair, you may be looking for a nourishing, natural hair product to help with the overall health and quality of your hair. Beeswax is not necessarily a mainstream product, therefore learning how to use it effectively can be a learning curve. In this blog, Buy Britain will discuss exactly how to use natural beeswax on your hair. 

So, how should you use natural beeswax on hair? To use beeswax properly on your hair you should start with a small amount and gradually build it up to your preference, warm the product up in the palms of your hands and then run your hands through the ends of your hair like a comb. For a longer lasting, silky effect you can also sleep in a satin head scarf. 

Keep reading to find out the 5 main benefits of beeswax for hair as well as how it can help with hair growth. 

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How to Use Natural Beeswax on Hair 

If you learn the correct method to use beeswax on your hair, then you are sure to see some amazing results. However, it is important to ensure that you follow some key steps to avoid overuse and the dreadful clogging of pores and hair follicles. Below we have listed our key steps and tips to successfully using beeswax on your hair.

  1. Start With a Small Amount:

The best way to use beeswax on your hair is to use as little product as you can to achieve your desired results. Starting with a tiny amount and gradually building it up is way more effective than applying way too much from the start. Otherwise you will end up with overly greasy looking hair that is prone to follicle clogging. Beeswax products tend to be quite rich so they will go a long way anyway, therefore being a little more restrictive with the amount of product you use, should not be an issue. 

  1. Warm the Product Up in Your Hands: 

Once you have picked up a small amount of the beeswax, we would recommend warming it up by rubbing it in between the palms of your hands. This will help to warm up and loosen the product in preparation for applying it evenly over your hair. What’s more, it will help to reduce the product from clumping and sticking to certain areas of your hair. 

  1. Run it Through the Ends of Your Hair: 

Now that the beeswax is warmed up in your hands, we suggest that you run your fingers through the end of your hair almost like a comb. Ensure to coat the lengths of your hair all around your head, but avoid the roots because this is where your hair is most likely to get greasy. This step is usually best to do once your hair has been blow dried because it helps to reduce frizz. 

  1. Sleep in a Satin Head Scarf:

After the beeswax has been applied to your hair and you have gone about your day, we think it is a great idea to sleep in a satin head scarf. Not only does this reduce the need for you to reapply the beeswax everyday, which we do not recommend, but it also helps to maintain the smoothness of your hair whilst you sleep. 

  1. Avoid Playing with Your Hair:

Just like on a normal day for your hair we recommend that you avoid playing with it as much as you can. Playing with your hair without any product can increase the greasiness of your hair, therefore when you are using an oil based product such as beeswax, it is best to avoid playing with your hair. 

For a visual tutorial on how to apply beeswax to your hair, take a look at the video below.

Does Beeswax Clog Hair Follicles?

If you are the type of person that is conscious about the health and beauty products that you use on your body and the effect they can have, you might be interested in the effectiveness of beeswax. When researching beeswax products, you may have come across the theory that it tends to clog hair follicles, but is this actually a true fact? 

The reality is that beeswax does have the potential to clog pores and hair follicles if it is not used correctly. Beeswax is ideal for locking in your body’s natural moisture whilst still allowing pores and follicles room to breathe. But, as with most beauty products, misuse is where things can start to go wrong. This is quite typical of an oil based product, so the key is to ensure that you are applying the beeswax in the correct steps for optimal results. 

5 Benefits of Beeswax for Hair

Now that you know the correct way to apply and use beeswax on your hair, you may be wondering whether the product is actually worth it. What is all the hype about? Take a look at the 5 main benefits of beeswax for hair. 

Hair MoisturisationBeeswax is infamous for its moisturising properties including the well known ingredient Vitamin A . As a result, applying beeswax to your hair a couple of times a week can begin to help with a dry hair. What’s more, beeswax not only provides moisture, it also helps to maintain your natural hair oils whilst allowing for breathability of the pores. 
Helping Split EndsIf you are interested in haircare, then you are sure to have experienced inevitable split ends in your time, but beeswax is a great product for sealing your split ends. Whilst we all know that the proper way to remove split ends is to go for a haircut, beeswax can act as a coating that hides the severity of the split end damage, 
Improved Condition of Hair Beeswax is also great for improving the overall condition of your hair. If you are prone to neglecting your hair, beeswax is a simple product that anyone can learn to use. With very little maintenance required, beeswax along with its natural ingredients can significantly improve neglected, dry hair. 
No Harsh Chemicals If you are the type of person that suffers from sensitive skin or scalp, you can be confident that beeswax is the way forward for you. With 100% natural beeswax, there are no harsh chemicals or perfumes involved that will trigger a bad reaction. 
Styling Currently, there is a trend for sleek, smoothed back ponytails and hair buns. With the use of beeswax you can achieve the same effect by using a little more product. We wouldn’t recommend going for this style everyday as your hair and pores will need a breather but it is still great to have the option. 

How Can Natural Beeswax Help With Hair Growth?

Beeswax is also a fantastic way of encouraging the growth of your hair. A study from 2016 found that products containing beeswax, helped to significantly increase the length of hair after daily use for 30 days. Whilst we don’t recommend using beeswax daily, with the aim of preventing clogged follicles, we do agree that regular use would promote healthy growth of hair.

What’s more, with beeswax having so many good properties the overall condition of your hair should improve over time, which will reduce the chances of so many split ends. Therefore, not only will your hair be longer but it will also be in a lot better condition than before you started using beeswax. 

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