Are eBikes Heavier Than Normal Bikes?

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If you’re considering buying an eBike, you might have wondered about how heavy they are, especially if you live in an upper floor apartment or, perhaps, you cycle to work and have to carry your bike into the office. Well, wonder no more; Buy Britain is here to answer all of your questions about the weight of eBikes. 

So, are eBikes heavier than normal bikes? eBikes are 40-50% heavier than regular bikes (totaling around 18-22kg) due to the additional weight of the battery and motor. This might make it harder to carry the eBike when required, but the extra weight should make it far easier to maintain speed. 

Read on to learn more about the weight of eBikes, and how they compare to regular bikes.

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Are eBikes Heavier than Normal Bikes?

eBikes are, on average, around 6-9kg heavier than regular bikes, usually totaling around 18-22kg, whereas a manual bike weighs around 12-13kg. This is due to the addition of the battery and motor. However, different types of eBikes weigh more than others, due to the addition of various components for specific purposes.

Heavyweight eBikes

Mountain eBikes and Full Suspension eBikes both have additional components that make them suitable for their purpose, therefore may be heavier than average eBikes, around 22-23kg.

Lightweight eBikes

On the other hand, City eBikes are super lightweight as they tend to be designed with lighter materials and no added weight. This makes them much easier to carry when required. An average City eBike can weigh between  14-17kg.

Foldable eBikes can be even lighter – often weighing around 7-12kg. This makes them incredibly easy to carry when required, but they are also capable of speeds of up to 25mph (depending on the laws in your country), and a distance of around 20 miles from a single charge.

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What is a Good Weight for an eBike?

A good weight for an eBike is simply what works for your intended usage. For example, a lightweight eBike would be of no use on rough, rural terrain, and a heavyweight eBike would be virtually pointless in a city centre.

What’s more, consider whether or not you will be required to carry the eBike at any point, be that to an upstairs apartment, onto public transport, or into an office. 

A good weight for lightweight eBikes tends to be around 7-17kg, depending on the type of eBike you purchase. This isn’t much heavier than a standard manual bike, which averages at 12-13kg. 

A good weight for heavyweight eBikes tends to be around 22-23kg, accounting for the additional components that make them suitable for various terrains, or long-distance travelling. 

How Important is the Weight of eBikes?

The weight of eBikes becomes more important the more you require out of it. City eBikes and Foldable eBikes are fairly lightweight as not much is really required of them – they just have to function in urban or residential areas.

However, if a rider wants an eBike to commute long distances, something a little heavier would be required to handle the bigger battery and motor required for longer distances. 

Similarly, eBikes for rough or rural terrain need higher-performing batteries and motors, which are naturally heavier, and will need to be somewhat sturdier in general with a heavier frame and/or bigger wheels. 

You can’t just choose an eBike because it is lighter or heavier than a regular bike. Consider what you will be using it for, and how appropriate your chosen bike would be for that purpose. 

Are There Weight Limits on eBikes?

Ebikes tend to be designed to carry riders up to 100kg, although there are eBikes on the market that can handle up to around 140kg. There are even a few models that are designed to carry up to around 250kg.

If it is likely to impact you, it’s important to shop around and ensure that your eBike can handle your weight or the weight of your bag(s). Too much weight can impact the bike’s performance and may cause damage over time to the brakes, rims, spokes, and saddle. 

Too much weight can also impact your safety due to stopping distance – excess weight may cause you to slow down too slowly, potentially resulting in an accident. 

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