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It could be a perfect British made gift idea. It could be the latest and greatest British made product to come to our attention. Here we highlight some of our top picks of products that were made in the UK

Can I Wax My Car Every Week?

If you’re wondering about car care, and waxing in particular, you might have wondered how often you should wax your car to keep it in good condition. Learn more about car waxing with Buy Britain.

Made in China

How Can I Avoid Buying From China in the UK?

When shopping online, a lot of people tend to be concerned with the price of a product and how long it will take to be delivered, rather than where the product is coming from. Similarly, when shopping in stores, it is very rare that people will check the label to determine where the product originates from. However, there are many negative factors associated with ordering from China to the UK such as low quality and a large carbon footprint. Buy Britain is here to explain how we can avoid buying from China, as well as how buying from China affects our carbon footprint. 

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