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Zebredellas makes men's and women's bracelets in a range of styles. Bracelets for all birthstones, chakras, elements and zodiacs. All made in the UK.

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Zebredellas Great British Hand Made Natural Gemstone Jewellery made in Kent the garden of England. I make design and handcraft each exclusive one of a kind piece using natural precious and semi precious gemstones, adding Charms, Pearls, Shells, Marble and unique Beads of Gold, Silver, Plated, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Titanium, I use high quality waxed thread, crystal thread, faux leather along with a selection of other findings making my products a vegan option.

Each one is unique imperfections are natural as no two gemstones are ever the same like your personal finger print all are different.    Zodiac and Birthstones are Gemstones that are connected with each month of the year, they are all worn for health, good luck, prosperity and protection.  You can get your birth or zodiac stone jewellery or buy any or all and wear them each or any month.  All are made with love and positive energy arriving in a satin pouch for safe keeping.

Moonlight is a delicate non colour altering way of cleansing gemstones and crystals allowing natural energy in. So leave them on a windowsill overnight to re energise now and again.  

Bespoke designs are always welcome, customers past and present contact me to make special designs of their chosen gemstone so don’t hesitate to ask you can choose from the varied selection you see on my designs, or you can supply your own beads, blessings. 


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