RetroClassic Clothing

About the brand

RetroClassic Clothing is an English clothing label that aims to provide top-quality t-shirts featuring art prints of motor racing and classic camper vans.

About the seller

RetroClassic™ Clothing is an English owned and operated clothing label with one idea; to provide top-quality t-shirts and garments featuring motoring lifestyle themed designs, for motoring enthusiasts.

For more than 20 years, we have been in the classic motoring trade and been motor racing enthusiasts. In January 2012 we launched our first range of T-shirt designs. Inspired by nostalgia, RetroClassic Clothing began in the spare room of its creator Adam Allen. Starting with a small budget and a grand vision, the now family company is shipping t-shirts worldwide. All of our designs are unique and are meant to send you back to that bygone era.

Printed by hand and to order means we can be sure of a quality product, delivered with good old-fashioned Customer Service. We are committed to delivering an excellent service and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our collection of fabulous designs, such as classic cars, icons of the racing world, camper/bus scenes you can relate to and other modes of transport, is constantly growing. So please follow us to keep up-to-date with our ever evolving collections.

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