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We have been farming for eight generations. Our estate falls within the beautiful rolling landscape previously known as the Radlow Hundred, an administrative area noted in the Doomsday Book.

Proud of our heritage, our small batch English Wine is a commemorative nod to our farmscapes history and surrounding community.

To continue the success of our family’s hard work and persevering farming over multiple generations, we are mindful of the changes and challenges we face. Through ambitious diversification, we cautiously plan to stabilise our traditional way of life whilst protecting our landscape and championing the fruits of our labour.

We have worked hard to bring our delicious range to market. Planting vines that work well in our soil to developing our final blends, we are incredibly proud of our Radlow Hundred wines and hope that you will enjoy our journey of discovery.

Each bottle ignites a fond memory of our area. From our Great-Greats skating on the Wye, to the long-awaited train finally arriving in Bromyard. We all long for summers of Cricket and riverside days with family and friends. As you sip our exquisite English wines, we’ll raise a glass for all the memories that are, and toast to all that are yet to be.

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