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About the brand

Neve’s Bees is run by a mother and daughter beekeeping duo from Oxfordshire. Julie and her daughter Neve created their brand after Julie had been working in pharmaceutical marketing for 20 years and understood the dangers of many products that were being sold. They only selected the best, sustainably sourced, natural and organic plant oils, butters and essential oils which they then blend with their pure beeswax.

About the seller

100% Natural Skincare made here in our workshop in West Oxfordshire by Neve and me…with a little help from our Bees.

We take our pure and natural beeswax which we blend with 100% natural plant oils and butters to create a range of skincare which leaves your skin glowing with natural health

We’re on a mission to bring back our wildflower meadows and the bees and other pollinators they support, donating 10% of our profits to wildlife charities and giving away 100s of packs of wildflower seeds to create mini-meadows all over the UK. We use recylcable packaging (tin, aluminium, glass, recycled board, linen)

Pure and natural skincare – made by Neve and Me… with a little help from our bees

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