Harry Was 8

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Plant, Grow, Cook get Muddy and eat your sprouts!!

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Hi my name is Anne and I make all our lovely mud kitchens from our base outside Exeter. 

When our son Harry turned 8 we faced a very difficult point in out lives, Harry was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Over the following months as we came to terms with Harry’s diagnose we discovered how difficult it was getting hold of good nutritious gluten free food that wasn’t full of horrible things that you could barely pronounce, so we decided we needed to encourage Harry to get excited about food and cooking. What better way  than to start making mud kitchens!!! . My goal with our kitchens is to try and inspire kids to not only play but to get passionate about food and cooking, which obviously for our family had now become a big deal. We now have an allotment which has proved a game changer for us all!!

We want to encourage all children to get their hands dirty and start planting and cooking and in the process learn about allergies and conditions that affect so many of our children. Perhaps some day, one of our muddy chefs can come up with a way of making gluten free croissants taste amazing!! 

Hopefully our mud kitchens encourage, play & creativity, they are for the actor, chef, scientist, artist, explorer and the curious.

I hope you love them as much as I do!!



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