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About the brand

Hand-made British Charcuterie from Norfolk - Free-range pork & beef salami, ham, chorizo and cured beef.

About the seller

We believe in the best welfare standard of livestock, all our pork is free range and rare breed British beef is cross bred. We make hand-made British Charcuterie and everything is always free-range.

What Makes Marsh Pig Charcuterie Different?

People might assume that all Charcuterie is created in the same fashion, but that is not the case. Let’s look at pigs for example.

Wouldn’t you prefer to eat pigs that have spent their entire lives living in a field, given a varied, natural diet and free from antibiotics?

Now let’s look at the cuts of pork used in Charcuterie production.

Traditionally, you would use the shoulder and belly and remove any large muscle mass (trim). That will leave you with a product that is high in sinew and fat content.

Marsh Pig only uses free-range leg meat in our British salami and British chorizo, which have been sourced from East Anglia. We trim all glands and sinew before adding just 15% fat.

To put it simply, the resulting product will be way more tender, so you do not need to use a toothpick to remove its sinew. You’ll also enjoy the high-quality herbs and spices we use. The premium Paprika in our British Chorizo comes from Del la Vera in Spain, where it’s expensive but worth it for the fantastic flavour you get.

None of our spices and herbs have been irradiated, so you can be assured that the pork is ethically produced & tastes amazing.

This is British Salami at its very best!

How it’s made.

The salami we produce is all handmade. We could have a large-scale production processes but we prefer to hand-make your salami from start to finish. The quality control in the process ensures you get an amazing flavour.

These factors are part of what make Marsh Pig British Salami, so special.

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