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We make & teach Japanese carving | Craft kits | Candles | Personalised gifts

About the seller

We love unique and personalised.

We handmake most of our items, create one of a kind and personalised items is our aim. 

As a handicraft enthusiast, learning new skills is my favourite thing. I’ve learnt all over the world with different tutors to learn new skills, methods and special techniques.  After many trial and error, we create different kinds of craft kit which allow beginners to start their craft time in an easier way, just enjoy the handicraft time as we do.

We teach and make Japanese carving / Craft kits / candles and personalised gifts. Provide in-person / virtual workshops, also wholesales / personalised orders are welcome.

I am a trained aromatherapist, Korea candle craft association instructor, Korea KAHA handicraft association instructor and a Korea IADA plaster art instructor. I also have a diploma in Japan amino acid soap. Finally, I am a Japanese carving artist.

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