Half-cut candles

About the brand

Our wine bottle candles are a great way to enjoy luxury at home whilst also being kind to the environment. A perfect quirky gift idea.

About the seller

The story of Half–cut candles 

Why We Do It 

Half-cut Candles was born out of a desire to do something different in this throw away society. So many celebrations & memories are made over a glass of wine or fizz. We wanted a way to capture those times, rather than throw them away. 

We source our wax sustainably and responsibly to avoid deforestation, using small-hold farmers. We are constantly introducing new product lines that can be re-purposed or recycled from wooden wicks to tins. Even our fragrance bottles are made from aluminium which is 100% recyclable.    

How We Do It

With a qualified candle maker studying perfumery we have built an extensive scent library over the years which we are very proud of and can create almost any scent to evoke those special memories.

We have set up a recycling program with many of the countries leading vineyards in order to recycle their used bottles.

Each bottle is cut and finished by hand we do not use machines and we try to recycle as much of the water as possible in the process. 

We use 100% natural wax and the finest quality candle oils. Our candles are made with cotton wicks and we hand pour each one. All our candles are individual as they are made by hand from start to finish for you.

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