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Finest quality luxury chocolate from Cwtsh chocolate.

About the seller

A little about me and Cwtsh.

Hello or shwmae as we say down here in Llanelli. My name is Peter Lloyd and I’m the founder of Cwtsh chocolate. I’ll start with a bit about me, I’m not that interesting really but I think it’s good to know a bit about who your buying your chocolate from. Growing up I had a good childhood went to a welsh school not that I could really understand what was going on in school but I became a fluent welsh speaker in the end. I then went to college and studied computers for a bit however it wasn’t for me, bit boring really. I ended up as a mechanic and I actually enjoyed it but due to recurring health issues I eventually had to give it up but didn’t want to be stuck at home. Like many I love chocolate even when I was a mechanic I had a draw in my toolbox for chocolate so the love has always been there and any new chocolate out I would have to try it. So it made sense to start a chocolate company and I did.

I was a co-founder at another chocolate company for a while but for one thing and another it didn’t work out so I decided to go it alone and founded Cwtsh chocolate in January 2017. Needless to say it’s been a rollercoaster as in any new business but you got to stick it out and I’m glad I have. Where did the name Cwtsh come from? Well Cwtsh is a welsh word also spelt cwtch but Cwtsh is the correct way. Cwtsh means to cuddle or hug but not just any cuddle, to Cwtsh is to give comfort and warmth to another, a feeling of relief and generosity. So I thought it was a fitting name for a chocolate company because I think chocolate is the food equivalent of a Cwtsh. The feeling of comfort and warmth it gives you, that sigh you let off when it melts on your tongue and the creamy sweet chocolate taste caresses your taste buds. The designs come from my desire for surfing, not that I surf, I would love to but I can’t swim however I like the whole image of it, the surf boards, drift wood, beaches, camper vans, the clothes and the freedom, I love it all which is why I try to base the designs and some of the flavours around that love I have for the surf scene and Cwtsh chocolate is based in a welsh coastal town and not far from the surfer’s paradise of the Gower. Cwtsh chocolate for me is about giving a sense of warmth and comfort and a desire to set you free of life’s stresses which affect us all at some point.

Set yourself free of the day’s stresses and relax with a Cwtsh chocolate, a Cwtsh from us on the inside. Well that’s enough about me and Cwtsh chocolate, I’m not gonna make out that I’m the Willy Wonka of Wales but I am, only kidding but I do have really really nice chocolate and my speciality hot chocolates are outrageously lush as we say here. Give me a go I’m sure you’ll be left wanting more once you taste my chocolate. You know about me and my company, all that’s left is to buy some chocolate so sit back, relax and have a Cwtsh.

Best wishes

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