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Capra NV's luxury pens are made in the UK and engineered to the highest standard using racing car technology. A luxury pen worthy of your signature

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Capra NV British Made  Luxury Collections

Capra NV creates luxury writing instruments with a modern design specially created using supercar and motor racing technology. We combine elegant designs with world class manufacturing knowledge, techniques and craftmanship.

This is developed from a forty-year history of manufacturing engine components in Formula 1 and supercars. All the design, development and manufacture of the collections is done within our factory based in the heart of England; home to world class Formula 1 teams. The outstanding skills and knowledge taken have transferred seamlessly to produce magnificent collections made by Capra NV.

The ethos of the company is to design and produce luxurious and high quality collections which are to be treasured and handed down to the next generation. Each of the collections are meticulously made using a variety of specialist artisanal and advanced technological methods. It is with passion and a dedication to their craft each of the collections is born. 


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