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Welcome to our curated collection of exquisite British pet brands, where you'll find a delightful array of products crafted to perfection for your beloved companions. From premium pet accessories and high-quality pet food to comfortable pet beds and stylish pet apparel, our pet category showcases the very best of British pet care.

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and innovation of our featured British pet brands. Experience the love and dedication infused into each product, a testament to the expertise of local designers and pet lovers. Whether you're pampering your furry friend with luxurious comfort or providing them with the best nutrition and care, our collection offers a captivating journey into the world of British pet craftsmanship. Embrace the essence of British pet care and elevate your pet's lifestyle with our carefully curated selection of pet brands, embodying the finest traditions of quality, care, and companionship.


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  • GB Pet Beds

    GB Pet Beds are a Midlands-based manufacturer of quality dog beds and mats, selling across a broad range of stores for over 15 years.

  • DickyBag

    British-made dog poop bag holders and dog treat bags. Perfect for the responsible dog owner!

    2 reviews

  • Judge's Choice Petfood

    A British pet food brand: Run by pet lovers. Ruled by their pets. Experts in understanding the differing nutritional needs of dogs and their lifestyles, and delivering pet food to meet these requirements.

    1 review

  • Finley & Gray Ltd

    Buy Local, Buy British

  • Sir Woofchester’s

    We're an ethical British pet food brand cooking great food for your furry friends. Pet food needn't be a boring affair!

  • Merlin Dogs

    Luxury handcrafted dog accessories, made in England.

  • Wild Mishka

    Healthy and handmade slow-dried nibbles for rodents and hamster treats. All made in the UK.

  • Sovereign Pet Food

    Grain free natural pet food with NO added colours or preservatives.

  • Pet Mirrors

    Browse our range of pet-shaped acrylic mirrors in various sizes and colours. A perfect gift or home accessory to brighten up a room. Cats, dogs and much more!

  • Cooper & Gracie

    Plant based pet products with 100% natural ingredients

  • Rufus Ragz

    Handmade Dog Coats & Accessories.

  • Bully Billows

    Stylish & Unique Collars & Harnesses

  • ByBenji

    Gourmet Dog Treats

  • GWF Nutrition

    Specialist high quality animal feeds and supplements.

  • BrewBix

    Healthy dog treats upcycled from craft brewery leftovers.

  • Bugalugs Pet Care

    Cruelty free pet care products with a long lasting scent

  • Berkeley Dog Beds

    Handmade luxury dog beds made in the UK

  • Bounce and Bella

    Grain free pet products good for digestive system

  • D for Dog

    Dog products and accessories

  • Dirty Mutt

    Natural dog grooming products

  • Eden Pet Foods

    Premium food for premium pets

  • Freckles Designs

    A Scottish based designer and maker of dog coats

  • George Barclay

    Beautifully designed, high end, luxury orthopaedic dog beds

  • Ivy and Duke

    Luxury Handcrafted Dog Beds

  • James Wellbeloved

    Pet food with natural ingredients

  • Different Dog

    Fresh handmade nutritious dog food

  • Dogrobes

    Dogrobes are practical dog drying coats that are perfect to use after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing and working.

  • Avondale Pet Luxury

    Handmade luxurious beds for your pets

  • Green and Wilds

    Natural and healthy pet foods.

  • Guisapet

    Creative Beds for Cats and Small Dogs

  • Hugo & Hudson

    Luxury designer dog accessories.

  • Stix

    High quality stylish dog coats.

  • Love Cat Caves

    Cat Nap Cocoons for those wonderful felines made from 100% merino wool

  • AVA

    Specially formulated foods for pets

  • Lola and Daisy Designs

    Handmade Modern Raised Dog Bowl Stands

  • Pawfectbags

    1 review

  • Chow Bella

    Handmade and personalised ceramic dog and cat bowls.

  • Pawdaw of London

    Stylish luxury for your four-legged friend.

  • Barka Parka

    Luxury dog beds made in great britain

  • Equafleece

    Waterproof fleece for dogs

  • Tug e Nuff

    Dog training toys.

  • Wagg Foods

    Tasty dry food and treats for your pets.

  • Vet Bed

    Veterinary style bedding for pets.

  • Slumbering Hound

    Bespoke dog cushions, blankets and accessories.

  • Animology

    Multi-award winning pet care product brand that is trusted by pet owners and vets

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