Explorer Ghillie Kettle Aluminium & Cook Kit

Sold by: The Ghillie Kettle Company


The original aluminium-style kettle is a lightweight, tried and tested product and the ideal companion for outdoor adventures. The perfect addition to your survival kit. The kettle is bundled with a Cook Kit containing a frying pan, saucepan, grill, pot gripper, base stand and pot support ensuring hot drinks and warm food on every adventure!

Provides approximately 3.5 mugs of water in minutes

Lightweight 0.8kg made of Aluminium .
Holds up to 1.0ltrs
Height: 28cm / 11inchs
Width: 18.5cm / 7.3inchs (at its widest point)

Comes with its own hard wearing carry bag

Ideal for ANY outdoor activity especially:
Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Building Sites

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  • Add water via the spout to approx. 5-10ml below the spout. Warning: do not overfill and do not light when empty.
  • Add the whistle. (Only place the whistle on the spout. Do not push or force it on. Never approach the kettle from the front.)
  • Place fuel (twigs, fir cones, etc,) into the base.
  • Light carefully and immediately place the kettle on the base. Once lit the flames will rise through the middle of the chimney.
  • The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows more twigs, paper etc to be added and also allows oxygen to be absorbed as the flames rise (you can also add fuel through the centre of the chimney).
  • The whistle is a very good safety feature which blows when the water reaches boiling point. It is the only kettle on the market that has the safety feature of the whistle.
  • The kettle can be used in harsh, wet and windy conditions. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require gas or any other artificial fuels. Just use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and/or newspaper.


Ghillie Kettles are easy and fun to use. However, certain safety precautions should be followed when using the kettle:

  • Only place the whistle on the spout do not push on. Never approach the kettle from the front
  • Avoid filling water chamber to the very top as water will expand when heated and may overflow. Fill to approx. 5-10ml below the spout
  • Never hold the handle above the chimney when the kettle is lit as it can result in a burn
  • Always keep children away from the kettle when in use. The Kettle should only be used by adults Never let children play in front of the kettle
  • Never use your Kettle when the water chamber is empty
  • After use allow time for the Kettle to cool before storing away
  • Use surplus water to extinguish fire


The Kettle is not designed to be a water carrier.

A few small leaks may occur at the rivet points or the bottom seam when new however they will usually seal themselves after a number of uses.

When using your kettle for the first time boil some water and throw away to remove residual sealant.


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