Cobalt Turquoise Professional Watercolour – 15ml Glass Jar

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Cobalt Turquoise is just one of the bright and exquisite Professional Watercolours made in the UK by A J Ludlow. Being based on a single pigment with excellent permanence and light fastness, ensures that this watercolour’s properties are exceptional.

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Cobalt Turquoise Professional Watercolour is prepared using the mixed metal oxide inorganic spinel structured pigment, cobalt nickel titanate. The pigment has been selected for its purity, light fastness and intense teal hue, making it ideal for use in A J Ludlow’s Professional watercolour range.

Although classified as C.I. Pigment Green 50, the chemical structure and composition of the teal coloured pigment is different to that of the green (see Cobalt Green), which is a complex mixed metal oxide of cobalt, nickel, titanium and zinc.

Cobalt nickel titanate (which has the molecular formula, Co2NiO7Ti2) has a hue, which is not too dissimilar to the blue-green mineral of the mixed metal hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium (CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8 4H2O), which is commonly known as the gemstone, Turquoise. The word turquoise is derived from the French word, turque meaning “Turkish” as the gemstone was originally imported into Europe from Turkey.Similar in some ways to the use of the gemstone lapis lazuli as a blue pigment, turquoise stone from the mines in Sinai, was ground down to make pigment for the artists and scribes of ancient Egypt (Fitzwilliam Museum). The ancient Egyptians called this pigment “Mefkhat” and its colour had considerable significance in their culture, being associated with the goddess Hathor.

Although the colour turquoise is now associated with hues midway between blue and green, the fact that the watercolour based on this pigment is so similar to the colour to the gemstone turquoise, it was named Cobalt Turquoise.

This watercolour is often over looked as a mixing colour, because of its bright and unique hue, but it can be used to create a series of unique light greens and blues (as shown in the photograph above), which makes it an ideal part of A J Ludlow’s Professional Watercolour range.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, “Colour and Culture” learning resource for Galleries 19 and 20 accessed on 06/11/20:…

Pigment Details: Cobalt Nickel Titanate / Colour Index Pigment Green 50 (C.I. PG50)

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