Local Businesses Stepping up to Save Christmas

October 2021

UK-based online marketplace Buy Britain launches its #BritishMadeChristmas campaign

  • Shopping local could lower the pre-Christmas anxiety caused by the current supply chain issues, plus support crucial post-COVID economic recovery
  • More than 50% of consumers would prefer to avoid Chinese imports
  • Local businesses are stepping up, with hundreds of British-made gift ideas
  • Ahead of COP26 we can reduce the environmental impact of importing gifts

It is hard to escape the headlines proclaiming Christmas shortages and panic buying. Certainly, anxiety is being ramped up by the current supply chain issues. Whether or not the headlines bear out, one thing we are all being encouraged to do this year is to shop local when we can. 

“This year we have launched the #BritishMadeChristmas campaign to raise awareness of all of the amazing home-grown Christmas gifting options available. Whether it is with us, or in your local shops, I would encourage everyone to take a look at what is made in the UK. We aren’t suggesting to only buy British, but to discover great variety available and support local when you can” says Michael Oszmann, Founder of Buy Britain.

With a logjam at British ports and a lack of HGV drivers, 2021 is proving to be a very difficult year for importing. Understandably many consumers are worried about whether they will be able to purchase gifts for Christmas. They are also increasingly wary of making purchases which support the Chinese government, as a recent Daily Mail survey has suggested more than 50% of UK consumers wish to shun Chinese goods. With 200 signed-up UK businesses selling more than 3000 British-made products, Buy Britain aims to provide shoppers with locally-made alternatives. The site contains many gifting favourites such as Christmas hampers (with regional produce), personalised gifts, British wines & spirits, beauty products and more. 

“We proudly manufacture our educational children’s toys in the UK. We have noticed an increased interest in our products since the recent news about delivery problems, because people can be confident that we will deliver. However I would suggest that people plan ahead a little more than normal years. Leaving shopping to the last minute could be challenging even with local delivery companies” says Keisha Shah, of Teddo Play.

Small local businesses like Keisha’s Teddo Play are gearing up for a busy Christmas period, as it represents a real opportunity for them to showcase the potential of making locally. Given the current levels of disruption represent a potential threat to the fragile post-covid economic recovery, each pound that is spent in the UK has a powerful effect in supporting local businesses and jobs. 

One business hoping to capitalise on the localisation theme this Christmas is British Regional Hampers, who have recently teamed up with Buy Britain. Their fabulous hampers showcase the best of British produce from around the country. Customers can choose from regional themed hampers or UK-wide hampers, each lovingly curated by chef, gourmet caterer and all-round foodie Kate Rouse.

With Boris pushing hard on his green agenda ahead of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, many consumers might be wondering how they can do their bit for the environment. Unlike replacing a gas boiler, some switches don’t have to cost a fortune. Buying British for some items is a small switch which means lower emissions due to less international shipping. And whilst buying local does often imply higher prices (in return for higher quality and wages), many products are surprisingly affordable. On Buy Britain there is a wide range of quality gifts that come in under the £40 mark including delivery, and often including personalisation options. So, maybe this is the year that we celebrate a merry British-made Christmas.

About Buy Britain

  • Founded November 2020 by Michael Oszmann, Sam Whatley and André Oszmann 
  • 200 signed up UK businesses and more than 3000 British-made products
  • Four months of consecutive record sales (at time of writing) with the build up to Christmas 2021 looking stronger still
  • Vision: to become Britain’s shop window to the world

Buy Britain is a UK-based startup committed to hiring a UK-based team and paying local taxes. So, supporting Buy Britain is further supporting the UK economy, reinvesting revenues back into our platform, helping people to buy British-made products and promoting British makers.

Britain has a long history of innovation in food, drink, fashion, design, manufacturing, culture, media, the arts, technology and the brand of Britain is recognised and highly-prized globally. Buy Britain is here to celebrate and promote British makers.

Many people have a growing interest in supporting local British businesses and reducing the miles that their goods travel. However, people often say that it’s difficult to Buy British-made products. Until now. Buy Britain is the UK-based platform for makers, producers, designers, artists and craftspeople to sell their work. Sellers can create their own shopfront on the platform and reach a wider audience by coming online in an environment that fosters and celebrates their success.

We believe our marketplace model is a win-win; making it easy to Buy British and risk free to sell your British-made products online. Shopping locally is one of the best things we can do for the UK, for the planet and for one another. Support the local economy, sustain jobs here at home, reduce the miles your goods are travelling, use higher quality goods for longer — there are so many reasons to Buy British. What’s more, you can do it all from your living room sofa.

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