: Webber Furniture

Webber Furniture was founded in 1919 by Mr. David Frank Webber, whose priority was to produce furniture of such a high quality that all his customers would appreciate and be proud to own.

Over 100 years on, the family business continues to manufacture furniture with the same exacting standards.

Today his grandson Alan is Managing Director and cabinet maker. He is the third generation to continue the excellent reputation and family legacy.

The company was originally based in Croydon, South London from 1919 until 2005, occupying various factories in the area.

During the war years, furniture production ground to a halt and the factory worked on many different projects for the Ministry of Defence to aid in the war effort.

Webber Furniture made the moulds for the Mulberry Harbours used in the D-Day landings, bomb casings and ammunition boxes.

The factory was close to Biggin Hill, Kenley and Croydon airports and had its share of near misses throughout the war. These experiences had a profound effect on David. F. Webber, and to commemorate the Battle of Britain he produced 22 handcrafted plaques most of which remain in the family possession.

However, one is proudly displayed at Kenley church where many of the Battle of Britain pilots are buried. Another is displayed at the chapel at Biggin Hill (formally the Officers’ Mess) this particular plaque was unveiled by Sir Winston Churchill.

After the war one was presented to an American Eagle squadron at their request.

Some of the UK’s very first TV cabinets where produced by Webber Furniture and one was even purchased by Logie Baird!

When the war came to an end, the factory continued to produce high quality Tudor-style Oak furniture.

In 2005 Alan Webber and fellow director Paul Druce decided to relocate the company to Lymington in the New Forest.

In the years since the move, the company continues to manufacture the same high-quality furniture to this very day. Now the company has introduced a range of modern and farmhouse styles to fit with trends in interior design. The company also regularly produces bespoke furniture for its clients who have special requests.

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