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REVIVE car cleaning products in apothecary style
REVIVE Auto Apothecary: premium British car cleaning products

REVIVE Auto Apothecary car detailing products are designed by an A team of specialists, based in the Cotswolds, who we are proud to feature on Buy Britain. Andy a chemist, Neil a professional car detailer and Mark a classic car specialist are the product designers and all know how to treat their vehicles with plenty of TLC. Their formulations are handmade, water based, green, bio friendly, tried and tested, quality checked and on top of all that, totally and entirely made, bottled and packaged in Britain.

If you are lucky enough to own a classic car or bike their products are optimized for safe use on older paintwork, interior and exterior trim, be it chrome, leather or wood. Having designed these products to be gentle on the classics makes them just as suitable and even an extra special treat for the more modern vehicle.

The REVIVE team are regular supporters of classic car events, so if you are out and about (Covid allowing), especially in and around the Cotswolds, you may get to say hi and get a bit of advice on products. As well as metal polish, glass cleaner, shampoo and wheel cleaner their detailing kit extends to snow foam – pre clean spray, bug and grime remover, interior detailer and satin tyre dressing. Wax can be quick spray, luxury or Carnauba cream.

We probably all know someone who is a bit of a car enthusiast and loves to lavish care and attention on their ‘pride and joy’, perhaps even on a weekly basis. Or, maybe caring for the car is a bit more of a necessity. In either case, REVIVE Auto Apothecary will enable you to be able to stand back and admire the difference. Their premium range of car cleaning products and accessories make ideal, beautifully packaged and practical gifts that will be greatly appreciated, on a regular basis, by vehicle and owner.

REVIVE have gone straight into Buy Britain’s basket for Father’s Day. Their quality products are second to none, they care for the environment and show amazing attention to detail. At Buy Britain we would advise you to make them your first pitstop for car care and check out the collection without delay.

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