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Moldovan-born designer Maria Ruseva has a passion for fashion that is contemporary yet classic. She expresses that passion through Moda De La Maria, the sustainable fashion brand she founded in 2019.

The collection is hand crafted in London, based around organic tweed sourced from weavers on the picturesque Isle of Mull, combined with 100% natural silks for a perfect marriage of sustainable design and style.

Maria’s fifteen year background in the fashion industry saw her work extensively in design and quality control before moving to London and expanding her experience, specialising in hand stitching and finishing.  Combining a deep understanding of her trade with the need to express her own sense of style, in quality clothing, was the trigger for Maria to launch her own company. 

Moda De La Maria strives to design and create beautiful, fashionable garments that are memorable, loved and built to last.  Taking the classics and giving them a more contemporary look for the modern woman.

In her workshop in South-East London, each piece is handcrafted by Maria and her skilled team of craftsmen using traditional tailoring and hand-finishing techniques.  From consultation with the client on design, hand drawing of pattern pieces, adjustments for perfect fit, fabric cutting, stitching and assembly, all work is given the highest level of attention to detail, fit and even personalisation. 

At the heart of Maria’s brand is a series of sustainable fashion pieces designed to be wearable year round, make a statement but at the same time enhance the items in a client’s wardrobe.    Dresses, blouses, trousers and skirts can be crafted in deceptively simple designs.  The overall aim being to make the wearer feel stylish, elegant and confident, in a garment that reflects their personal style, has a perfect fit and is suitable for any occasion.

When creating a concept for a new collection Maria takes inspiration from all around her whether it be places, landscapes, colours, geometry, architecture, patterns or trends. Materials are high quality and ethically sourced for a natural fabric with in-built longevity.  Organic wool tweeds, silks and cottons are the star fabrics teamed with carefully selected buttons, fastenings, linings and trimmings. Detachable silk collars and silk scarves provide a colour contrast and are designed to beautifully complement other elements in an outfit.   The colour palette and overall effect of her collection feels like it has been drawn from nature.

At Buy Britain we want to encourage more manufacturing in the UK and see more opportunities available for the people behind the products.  Good luck and best wishes to Moda De La Maria.

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