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Involute Industries founded in 2018 is the brainchild of three partners: Daniel, engineer extraordinaire, Tatiana, with a major flair for the creative who is in charge of marketing and business development, and Morgan, the house legal mind, who keeps everyone in check. Involute describe themselves as a British precision engineering company masquerading as a cufflink company. Buy Britain definitely second this.

With Daniel’s engineering skills and Morgan’s vision to go into precision manufacturing they have come up with a product that ‘Q’, Chief Gadget Master, behind James Bond would be proud of. Involute took everything that could be engineered and dialled it up to 11 and in so doing have produced arguably the most engineered and intricate cufflinks in the world.

Each cufflink looks and spins like a gear. They are made from 17 individual components, each of which is made to exacting standards and faces rigorous quality control. Only the finest solid metals are used, for example the 6063 aerospace aluminium, the same as is used in fighter jets, forms the main body of the cufflink. The spinning gears from unleaded C36000 naval brass and the micro bearings from 440 surgical stainless steel.

The precision within the manufacturing process of these British made cufflinks is greater than in many F1 components. This all ensures exceptional fit and finish and facilitates smooth, fast spinning and meshing of the gears.

Involute strive to make only the best, to never cut corners and to make products which look understated and simple, yet hide exceptional complexity. If engineering is at their core then a close second is their obsessive approach to finishing. All products go through a multi-step finishing method before hand assembly which ensures the modern and subtle look of the finished cufflinks.

All cufflinks are machined, inspected, bead blasted, anodised, bright-dipped and deep cleaned before being inspected and hand assembled. And, of course, each cufflink is tested prior to packaging.

The end result is a product which can be worn on the wrist in either a casual or formal setting, is readily available for demonstrations, or for perhaps surreptitious fiddling and testing, when the wearer is expected to be paying attention but may not be fully engaged.

If you have a husband, boyfriend or partner who appreciates a gadget, especially a quality, finely engineered one, which just happens to come in the form of a pair of cufflinks, then look no further. This is the ultimate British-made gift that you and they have been looking for. Hands down… no contest.

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