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The Glow Wellness Candles story began in March 2020 and coincided with the first coronavirus lockdown.  Ngozi Maryann Ibeanu is the founder of Glow Wellness and the maker of all the eco-friendly hand poured scented candles.

Ngozi is actually a trained beautician and prior to the pandemic had been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years.  With the introduction of social distancing, Ngozi like many other people in her industry, was not able to touch her clients, could not give any treatments and was forced to put her beauty career on hold.  Ngozi felt more than a moment’s trepidation but thought fast on her feet and rose to the challenge before her.

The previous year, having attended a candle making workshop, Ngozi had found a new passion and this was something she could work on from home.  So began a new venture into the handmade scented candle business. 

Ngozi’s kitchen is her new office!

Ngozi has honed her skills and hand poured hundreds of scented candles in her kitchen.  With wellness at the forefront of her mind and the ambition to inject positivity into people’s lives, Ngozi has incorporated Dr Masaru Emoto’s water consciousness ideology into her candle making. 

Dr Emoto is a Japanese scientist who revolutionised the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm. He studied how the molecular structure in water transforms, when exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intention.  Ngozi discovered these principles can be applied to melted wax and, when infused with aromatherapy, her scented candles can help lift any atmosphere, positively bringing in a sense of wellbeing. 

All Ngozi’s scented candles are handmade, eco-friendly, made of natural coconut wax and the purest essential oils.  All sourced in the UK.  Her best sellers are the Energy and Calm scented candles which seem to lift people’s spirits.  Ngozi has received nothing but positive feedback from her family, friends and customers.  And she’s getting noticed – her candles were recently featured in Tatler no less!

We are delighted to have the Glow Wellness Candles shop on Buy Britain.  Through choosing to purchase these alluring scented candles, not only can you enjoy a sense of well-being, you will will also be supporting a courageous young woman and her fledgling British made business.

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