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Meet Clare Adie, the skilled fused glass artist behind the Cumbria-based brand, Glassy Lassie.  Clare makes beautiful fused glass art pieces and traditional leaded glass panels.

Clare Adie aka Glassy Lassie

Clare’s love of glass started as a child growing up in a house full of stained glass windows.  Combined with the texture of the glass, the way the light coming through the window panes cast colours and shapes travelling around the room was a constant source of fascination and wonderment never to be forgotten. 

After raising her family, Clare was motivated to take several glass courses in Edinburgh and began working from her kitchen table making stained glass gifts for friends and family.  Then 8 years ago came a move to Cumbria and the catapult to starting her own glass art business, Glassy Lassie.  The name being a salute to Claire’s Scottish background.

Clare combines her love of colour, texture and nature to create beautiful fused glass art pieces for the home and garden.  Her constant source of inspiration comes from her countryside surroundings throughout the changing and varying seasons.

Her work extends to larger projects including traditional leaded glass panels for doors and windows and fused glass splash back tiles.

At Buy Britain, Clare’s eye catching smaller glass pieces including lanterns and sun catchers are proving to be a great attraction for adding a splash of colour to the home.   Or if you are searching for a unique gift for a birthday or special occasion they make an inspired and exquisite choice.

Let in the light…

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In case you were wondering…

What is fused glass?

Fused glass (sometimes known as ‘kiln-formed glass’ or ‘warm glass’) is an artistic technique where clear and/or coloured glass is melted or fused together in a kiln to produce a huge range of art pieces, from jewellery to bowls, sculptures, panels and ornaments.

Kiln-formed glass can be split into three basic techniques: Fusing, Slumping and Casting. Once these simple processes are mastered there is really no limit to the creative potential of this amazing material. A wide variety of techniques have been developed by artists over the years offering endless inspiration to the new glass artist. 

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