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Emerging from the flames of adversity comes Burning Barn Rum to feature on Buy Britain.  This may sound a little like the start of a movie but it is in fact a true tale of courage and determination in the face of misfortune.

Burning Barn is a family endeavour and the family who are the driving force behind this business used to own and run a toffee apple business. But when disaster struck in the form of a fire, their main barn and production line went up in flames.  Their livelihood was left in ashes.  

Up in Smoke!

Some people might have buckled and accepted defeat but showing true grit and determination they decided to rebuild.  Not only did they rebuild the apple business and start trading again within a year, they also decided to expand and took on a new rum venture.

As well as being motivated by the fire, the team were also inspired by the popularity of craft beer and the gin movement.  They decided to set their sights on producing a craft rum offering.  They took inspiration from the fire for their flavours and used only the best quality ingredients combined with their apple wood.   

The rum goes through a cold smoking process in an apple juice tank with an oak lid.  Using their own unique process, Burning Barn created the UK’s first smoked rum which of course has a smoky taste, is incredibly smooth and has a long finish.  Now that is a moving back-story to inspire us all, especially the rum drinkers, to Buy British and try out this UK first.

They also have a Spiced Rum, the spices for which are roasted in large copper pans before being infused into the rum for different lengths of time per spice.  Perfect for making a spiced rum cocktail.

Their third offering is Honey and Rum Liqueur with pure golden honey and rum, made using their own honey plus local organic blossom honeys.  In this way they are supporting more local businesses close to home.

Burning Barn’s motto is ‘forged from the fire’ and it is an appeal for hope and fortitude and a nod to the fact that good things can come from bad. 

For Barnstorming Rums

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For the mixologists among you…

Orange is the New Black – Spiced Rum Cocktail

Created at Burning Barn’s cocktail competition in August. last year:

40ml – Burning Barn Spiced Rum

10ml – Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

10ml – Liquor 43

10ml – Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

25ml – Home infused orange syrup

75ml – Home infused cold brew steeped for 16 hours

3 drops – Ms. Better’s Vegan Foamer

Shake well and pour into a large coupe/martini glass.

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