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Buy Britain are delighted to have on board 4160 Tuesdays; and the creative perfume maker behind the brand, Sarah McCartney.

In 2011 Sarah decided to follow her dream and established 4160 Tuesdays.  She swapped her previous career as business writer and trainer, decided to ‘go for it’  and in so doing went on to prove it’s never too late for a change.  Her husband and fellow director is Nick Randell who joined the company in 2018, taking charge of the business side of things to allow Sarah to concentrate on the creating.

Sarah’s inspiration that was the beginning of 4160 Tuesdays, came when writing a novel about a problem solving perfumer, who made fragrances to remind people of happy times in their lives.  Originally her idea was to match events with existing fragrances, but then a thought popped into her head – ‘I’ll make them myself, how hard can it be?!’

With Sarah’s natural instinct for the task ahead, huge helpings of dedication, hard work, determination and back up support from colleagues and family,  Sarah’s delicious perfumes came to life.

4160 Tuesdays is now known for beautiful aromas with an adventurous twist perhaps reminding you of times gone by, while their product names cause many a debate.  One of their most popular unisex scents is a seductive perfume named “The Sexiest Scent on the Planet” for which they suggest you must get up close to appreciate it!  Other favourites “What I Did on My Holidays” and “Captured By Candlelight” will take you on a delightful aromatic journey.

Their distinctive perfume bottles have a cool retro look and have the advantage of being refillable. Packaging can be recycled and from start to finish, the whole process and product is made in Britain.

Smell good every day…

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