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Cornelia James

Glovemakers since 1946 and by Royal Appointment since 1978. There are 2.5 metres (that’s 8 feet) of stitching in a pair of gloves, and at Cornelia James, they have spent over 70 years trying to make each stitch perfect.

Discover Luxury Gloves by Cornelia James

Newey & Bloomer

Since 1903, Newey & Bloomer have been the one & only maker of the Simplex Kettle.

British-made by their craftsmen, each kettle is a masterpiece of copper. They are more than a kettle, they are a work of art for your home.

Discover Luxury Kettles by Newey & Bloomer

Involute Industries

A British engineering company masquerading as a cufflink company; Involute craft with materials also used in fighter jets.

Their cufflinks can spin at 22,000rpm. That’s 300 rotations every second; faster than an F1 engine.

Discover Luxury Cufflinks by Involute Industries

Capra NV

For over 40 years, the Capra NV team has been working with some of the fastest racing cars in the world.

With over 4 years of research and development and 8 weeks in production, you’re guaranteed a pen worthy of your signature.

Discover Luxury Pens by Capra NV


Beautiful British Lighting for your home. Make a statement with handmade wall, pendant and chandelier lighting, handcrafted to order in their Warwickshire studio.

Discover Designer Lighting by Arcform

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