Frequently Asked Questions

On this page: buyer questions and seller questions.

Buyer questions

Can I buy products from two makers in the same order?

Yes. You can shop however you’d like. Add products to your shopping basket and checkout; we’ll be working our magic behind the scenes.

Who benefits from my money?

Buy Britain’s goal is to support UK makers and the UK economy. With our model, you buy British products direct from the maker, meaning we’re not a retailer or wholesaler. So the maker gets to keep a lot more of what they earn. Furthermore, Buy Britain is a UK based tech company creating jobs and taxes in the UK.

What payments do you accept?

Buy Britain accepts all major credit and debit cards. Payments are handled and managed via our payments provider Stripe.

Where’s my stuff?

On you are buying directly from the maker. Each seller manages their shipping policies and processes. Always contact the seller first for an update on manufacture or shipping. If your seller has already provided you with a parcel tracking code, then use that to check with the delivery company.

Where are products on Buy Britain made? is a marketplace for products made in the UK. All products listed on our site must have been majority crafted/manufactured in the UK. Some products are marked ‘100% British’ where all of their materials are locally sourced. We don’t sell products which were ‘designed in the UK but made somewhere else’.

Can I buy from outside the UK?

Yes. Sellers decide where they will or won’t ship. To see if a maker delivers to your country, you can check their shipping policy on each product. Alternatively, add a product to your basket. During checkout, you’ll see if that product is available.

How much does shipping cost?

Most of the makers on our site offer free shipping within the UK. Some offer free worldwide shipping. The shipping cost for a product is determined by the seller (as you are buying directly from them). You can quickly see how much shipping will cost to your country by adding the product to your basket.

How do I get a refund?

On you are buying directly from the maker. Each seller manages their own refunds policies and processes. Please see the maker’s store to view their refund policy or contact them if you are unsure. To request a refund from a maker log-in to your account and find your order. From here you can submit a refund request.

Seller questions

What can I sell?

We are yet to encounter a product we’ll refuse to sell. If you’re based in the UK and make something we’re happy to welcome you onboard. If you aren’t sure if we’ll approve your products, get in touch.

Can I sell from outside the UK?

Unfortunately not. Selling on is exclusively for UK-based makers and sellers. However, buyers from around the world are welcome.

What happens when I make a sale?

When a customer purchases one of your products, Buy Britain will notify you by email. You will also see it on your dashboard. The payment will be transferred to you via Stripe (our third-party payment platform) automatically. It is then up to you to ship the order to your customer.

Buy Britain is a marketplace, and all sales are considered contracts directly between the buyer and seller. See our full terms for more details.

How do I receive payments?

To provide users with the best checkout experience, Buy Britain has chosen to use Stripe (our third-party payment platform) for payment processing. We highly recommend that sellers set up a Stripe account to receive payments (almost immediately) via our platform. If you already use Stripe for your business, you can connect that account. Who else uses Stripe? 🔗

If you do not wish to connect to Stripe, you can choose to receive payments via manual bank transfer. Manual withdrawals can be requested from your seller’s dashboard.

What does it cost to list on Buy Britain?

Buy Britain takes one simple, transparent commission fee; 9% of the sale price. Unlike other platforms, all other actions on the site (like listing products) are entirely free. We’re not a retailer or wholesaler, so you keep much more of the money you make. Our card payments provider Stripe requires a small transaction fee (normally 1.4% +20p for UK & European cards). This is subtracted from the Sale automatically and Buy Britain does not take any profit from this.

How is my brand promoted?

Being visible on our platform makes your brand visible to all of the many visitors to our site, who are keen to buy British-made goods. We also go the extra mile to promote the marketplace and our sellers via social media, blogs & articles, in the press and more. We hope that by doing this, we can drive more and more sales for British manufacturers and do our bit to help the economy.

How do customers find my shop and products?

By signing up, you will get a custom web address for your store. You can share this with your customers and promote it via social media, printed media or in any way you can imagine! We also have features on our site to help customers find you—for example the ability to search, filter and browse in all sorts of ways they like.

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