Store Basics

Once you have signed up to Buy Britain, setting up your store is easy.

Edit Your Store

Within the “Manage Store” dashboard, click on “settings” to edit the basics of your store. That should bring you to a settings page which looks like the image below:

In this section you can setup the basics details of your store, like the name, address and a store description.

When uploading pictures here, we recommend that the “Profile Picture” is your company logo/brand. The banner image can be whatever you like to represent your store, products or brand.

Email display preference

Ticking this box will display your email address to customers viewing your store. Un-checking will hide it. This is your choice.

Adding your Terms & Conditions

Ticking the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box will allow you to display your own terms and conditions in your store to potential customers. If you have T&C’s write them in the ‘TOC Details’ box shown below

Discounting across your store (all products)

The option below allows you to set a discount across all of the items in your store. Please note you can also set discounts individually on each product in the product menu.

Introducing your store

We recommend writing an introduction about your store and your brand using the section below. This will help customers understand more about your brand. It’s up to you what to write about your brand however we recommend giving some basic information about how and where you manufacture in the UK. This will add to your authenticity.

Allowing customers to contact you

Enabling Support with the setting below will give customers the opportunity to contact you through Buy Britain. If you enable this, any questions from customers will appear in the ‘customer queries’ section of the dashboard where you can respond to them.

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