Setting up Variable products

What is a variable product?

In many cases you likely want to add a range ‘simple products’. If you do this each product you add appears a separate product listing on your store.

However, some products have variables which you need your customers to choose. The over-arching product is ‘one product’ but there are different attributes it may have. These could be things like selecting a size or colour.

A great example of a variable product could be Jeans – One design of Jeans might come in different sizes and different colours.

To see how a variable product appears to customers, view the demo video below.

Setting up a variable product

Setting up a variable product is simpler than it first seems: you will get the hang of it. Think of this process as like setting up several sub-products within one ‘master’ product.

Watch a full click-through demo video of how to set up variable products below:

Step-by-step guide to adding variable products (as seen in video above):

  1. Select that the product is variable
  2. Add attributes to the product (e.g. ‘Colour’, ‘Size’ etc.)
  3. Tick ‘Used for variations’
  4. Add variations (combinations of attributes) either one by one, or allow the system to add all possible combinations. A single variant of a product could be, for example, ‘Colour: Dark, Size: L’
  5. Set & customise product details for each variation you wish to show under the master product. NOTE: at minimum you must add a picture and a price for each variant in order for the system to display it to customers. It is possible for you to repeat the same pictures on different product variants, although this means customers won’t see a different image when choosing between variants.
  6. Make sure to save your work – save attributes, save variables AND IMPORTANT: save the product using the button at the bottom of the page
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