Product VAT

Please always list your total selling price INCLUDING tax (inclusive of VAT), where you are VAT registered. Standard VAT in the UK is 20% for most products. This is the most common situation for sellers. So our system calculates VAT on the customer’s receipt automatically. For example, if you list your product for £120 the receipt will show this as having £20 of VAT.

It is your responsibility as a seller to correctly set, charge and pay your taxes. We (Buy Britain) cannot advise you on your Tax matters. For further guidance on the rates you should pay (if you believe they are not standard), please speak to an accountant or seek guidance from HMRC’s website.

Overseas buyers: UK VAT doesn’t apply to buyers outside of the UK and EU, therefore the system will automatically charge them the product listing price EXCLUDING vat.

If your products are reduced or zero rated, you can follow the simple steps below to edit the tax shown on your products.

Changing VAT rates on products:

If you need to change the VAT (Value Added Tax) Applied to your products, you can do so with the following steps:

  1. Go to the product section of the dashboard
  2. Open the product you wish to edit
  3. Scroll down and find this setting on the product

If you are not VAT registered, you should change the Tax Status of all of your products to “Not Taxable”.

4. You can choose the rate to be charged on that product – Standard (20%), Reduced Rate (5%), Zero rate (0%)

Please remember: This will not change the purchase price displayed to a UK buyer as all prices on this site are ‘inclusive of tax’. This only changes the rate shown on the customer’s receipt

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