How to name your products

Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy them. One way customers find your products is to search by entering the keywords, which are matched against information such as title and description that you provide for a product. By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales. Below are some general guidelines to improve your product discoverability.

What to include

Each individual word in the Product Name (Title) is searchable on its own. For example, a product called Maxwell & Sons London Dry Gin 1.5L is better than London Gin. This is because the recommended Product Name above includes this information:

  • Brand – Maxwell & Sons
  • Product type – London Dry Gin
  • Size – 1.5L

Writing helpful titles

You only have a moment to catch the eye of a shopper and your Buy Britain product title should echo what would be on the physical packaging of a product.

Bad product titles

  • Include extra marketing text such as “free shipping”, “100% quality”
  • Use special characters ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^ ¬ ¦
  • Aren’t helpful to customers
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