Adding products

Basic product details

Adding a new product

Adding a new product is simple. Head to the Products section of your dashboard and click on the ‘add new product’ button.

Complete the initial basic product details shown in the form below. Select a relevant category or categories for your product so that customers can easily discover it.

Product categories

Available categories are pre-defined by the Buy Britain team. If you think we are missing a category which is relevant to you, feel free to contact us at

Product tags

You can also add tags to your products to further help customers find your products. You can create multiple tags by typing in the box and hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard after each one. Tags which have already been created will automatically appear for you.

If your product is 100% made in the UK: Make sure to Tag your product as “100% British” , That way it will appear when customers filter for 100% British products. It will also display a 100% British badge on your product page

Further product details

Once you have created your product you have the option to fine tune the details by clicking on it on the product list. Most of these detailed settings are optional and depend on how you like to run your business.

Product Types

There are two main product types which can be selected using this option:

“Simple”: A simple product is a product with only one variant. For example if you sell a mug which only comes in one size, one pack size, one colour etc. then it is simple.

“Variable” products: A variable product has multiple variations. For example if you sell a T-shirt which comes in different sizes and different colours, then setting it up as a variable product is a good way to go. We have a separate advice page in the help centre with further guidance on setting up variable products

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