How Do You Use Paw Balm For Dogs?

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As a loving dog owner, you will be used to the scenic walks and adventures that your pet loves, but do you know how to manage and treat the damage that these walks cause to your pets paws? From scratches to cuts, and even punctures, your dogs’ paws are vulnerable to damage on every walk so it is important to treat them well with a good quality paw balm. Britain is here to explain all things paw balm related including how it should be applied and how it works. 

So, how do you use paw balm for dogs? Paw balm can be used to help prevent damage to your dog’s paws by gently rubbing the balm into the paw area. Massaging the paw until the balm is distributed evenly will ensure a smooth coating of balm that will act as a protective barrier for your pets’ paws. 

Keep reading to find out more about how to protect your dogs’ paws on their adventures, as well how to use paw balm properly and whether it is really a necessity for your little furry friend.

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How to Use Paw Balm For Dogs

Paw balm is an ointment that can be used to help prevent damage to dog paws as well as soothing any grazes and cuts that they have developed from walks in the countryside or woods. Paw balm can also act as a moisturiser and healing product for your dog’s paws, which contributes to the future protection of their paws when they are out on adventures. Before you start applying paw balm to your dog’s feet, however, you need to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Below we have detailed some simple steps to help you apply paw balm in the most effective way to heal and protect your dog’s paws.

Read the Instructions 

Before applying any paw balm to your pet’s paws it is vitally important that you read the instructions on the product to determine whether there are any pre- application warnings or ingredients that your dog may be allergic to. The last thing you want to do is apply a balm to your dogs’ paws that could cause them more pain and damage. Therefore we recommend sourcing a paw balm that is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Check Whether it is Lick Safe

It is inevitable that once you have applied the paw balm to your dog that they will curiously want to lick and taste the balm on their paws. This is why it is so important to source a product that is lick safe.  Lick safe lick balm tends to include ingredients that are 100% natural and hold no toxicity towards your pet.

Wash and Dry Your Pet’s Paws

This may seem obvious but it can be easy to forget to clean your pet’s paws before applying any paw balm. Often, pet owner’s assume because they can’t see any visual dirt that there is nothing there. However, it is very important to ensure that your pet’s paws are clean, especially if they have already managed to damage their paw. The last thing you want is to have to take your pet to the vet due to an infected graze which could have been prevented during the paw balm process.

Get the Paw Balm Moving

A great tip for applying the paw balm is to place a small amount in your washed hand and rub it between your fingers to make it more malleable before applying it to your pet’s paws. Some paw balms can be a little stiff before they are applied, and it can be quite difficult to keep your pet still to distribute it  across the paw, therefore warming it up in your hand  beforehand can make it alot easier to apply an even coating across the surface of the paw.

Massage Across the Paw

When it comes to applying the paw balm to your pet’s paw, using a massage technique is ideal for multiple reasons. Firstly because it will feel good for your dog and keep them calm throughout the application process, but also because it will help to distribute the paw balm evenly across the paw. A good paw massage will also ensure that the paw is completely covered, which will allow for the paw balm to be its most effective.

Keep Your Dog Still

After you have finished applying the paw balm it is important to try and keep your dog still for around 5 minutes afterwards. This will allow for the paw balm to fully soak into the paws, for you to identify if you have missed any areas, and also to prevent their paws being sticky and collecting dirt as they walk around. Some great tips for keeping your dog still during this process include brushing their hair, feeding them a treat, letting them chew on a toy or even a good old fashioned tummy rub.

How Often Should You Apply Paw Balm?

When it comes to paw balm, it is really based on your judgement as to how often it should be applied. Pet experts recommend applying it around 2-3 times a day depending on the cracking or damage to the paw so, if you notice that the cracking of your pet’s paws is not improving you can always apply more to help improve the dryness of their paws and alleviate some of their pain. 

If you notice that the paw balm is not being as effective as you had hoped with regards to alleviating the dryness and cracking of your dog’s paws, it may be because you are not allowing it to soak in properly or they are licking it off. A great tip for avoiding this is to place a sock over their paw and secure it so that they cannot get to it whilst it is soaking in.

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How Does Paw Balm Work?

Paw balm works by creating a semi-permeable barrier on the paw which acts as a protective layer to the skin on the paw pads from any dirt and germs they inevitably come into contact with on their daily walks. Without paw balm, the dog’s paws are vulnerable to cuts, damage and even infection which can be very painful for your pets and costly if you have to take them to the vets.

Furthermore, paw balm also acts as a barrier in extreme weather conditions which is very important because sometimes snow can get between the cracks of dog’s paws and cause frostbite. On the other hand, paw balm also works by acting as a protective layer in extreme heat conditions to help keep your dog cool and safe.

Do Dogs Really Need Paw Balm?

If your dog has continuous issues with the dryness and cracking of their paws then it is inevitable that they do need a paw balm to help improve the moisture content of their paws and protect them from further damage and cracking. Paw balm will help to reduce the amount of cuts and injuries that your dog receives on their paws which will ultimately save you a lot of time and money on trips to the vet. 

If your pet has perfectly healthy paws, it may not be a necessity for them to have a paw balm but it can act as a preventative measure for future issues. Even applying it once a week on healthy paws can contribute to well maintained and protected paws which will be less susceptible to damage in the future.

Can My Dog Lick Paw Balm?

Your dog can lick the paw balm as long as it is lick friendly. Despite us not wanting your dog to lick the paw balm off of their paws so that it can soak in and be as effective as possible, dogs cannot help themselves but lick the paw balm off. Therefore it is vital that you source a paw balm that contains natural, non-toxic ingredients for dogs to ensure their utmost safety. 

A lick friendly paw balm should be considered a minimum standard for paw balms these days and there are a variety on the market that use 100% natural ingredients such as beeswax, organic shea butter, calendula oil and even lavender oil. Using a paw balm with these ingredients will ensure that even if your dog sneaks a taste, they will be perfectly safe and unaffected.

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