Are e-Bikes Good Off-Road? 

If you have been wondering whether to invest in an eBike you may be unaware of their versatility and capability on off-road terrain which makes the financial cost worth it. Buy Britain is here to detail the ability of off-road electric bikes as well as things you need to consider before purchasing one. 

So, are eBikes good off-road? Yes, eBikes are good off-road due to the power they are equipped with, which allows them to function on a variety of terrains and inclines regularly experienced. eBikes with full mudguards, lights and long-life batteries are especially good for off-road terrain.

Keep reading to find out more about off-road e-bikes, whether they are allowed on bike trails as well as whether mountain e-bikes are worth it. 

Are eBikes Good Off-Road?

eBikes are good for off-road terrain due to the power they hold, which is ideal for inclines and uneven land. For short off-road trips, eBikes with motors holding 250-500W of power are more than capable of navigating typical off-road terrain. However, according to Government eBike law, in order to ride an eBike without a license, tax or insurance it must hold power no more than 250W, so it is important to keep that in mind when shopping around. 

Furthermore, eBikes tend to be on the heavier side due to the battery and motor but there are some available at weights that are more realistic for off-road tracks and terrains. For example, Buy Britain’s Whippet eBike weighs just 13.9kg, which is significantly less than the average eBike; making it ideal for powering up inclines and uneven land. 

eBikes are also good for off-road use if they are fitted with mudguards because they restrict the amount of dirt and water that is splashed up onto the rider which therefore keeps the rider warmer and safer for longer. 

Are eBikes Good on Hills?

As long as your eBike has a minimum power of 250W then it has more than enough power to navigate typical inclines, hills and difficult terrain experienced during off-road adventures. 

The best eBikes to tackle hills are those with mid-drive or crank motors due to the natural centre of gravity they provide, which improves the overall ride of the off-road eBike. However alternative motors can still be beneficial. 

For example, rear hub motors can still be good for riding on hills because unlike mid-drive bikes the power pushes you forward, taking a lot of strain off of you, helping to get you up any hills.

Buy Britain’s Whippet eBike is fitted with a rear hub 250 W motor which not only complies with Governmental eBike laws but ensures a powerful and efficient ride for off-road trips.

Are eBikes Allowed on Bike Trails?

eBikes are subject to the same laws as manual pedal bikes in the UK when it comes to where they can and cannot be ridden. As long as your eBike meets the EAPC requirements, it is classed as a pedal bike and therefore can be ridden anywhere a pedal bike would be ridden including cycle paths and bike trails, but not on public footpaths. 

To meet the EAPC requirements your eBike must:

  1. Have pedals that propel it. 
  2. It must show either the power output or the manufacturer of the motor.
  3. It must show either the battery voltage or the maximum speed of the bike. 
  4. Its electric motor must have a maximum speed of 250W and you should not be able to propel the bike when it is traveling more than 15.5mph.
  5. Can have more than two wheels (e.g. a tricycle).

If your eBike meets these requirements, you are not required to license, insure or tax the bike, and it is treated equally to a pedal bike in terms of where it can be ridden.

Are Mountain eBikes Worth It?

Mountain eBikes are worth it if you are not interested in the physical challenge of alternative eBikes and pedal bikes, but are still interested in the hobby. Below are the main advantages of using mountain eBikes followed by the overall disadvantage.

The overall benefit of using a mountain eBike is that you will experience more, travel more, and be on the bike more. Mountain eBikes help to make off-road cycling more accessible to everyone, irrelevant of their ability or fitness. 

Mountain eBikes take the strain and additional effort required away from bike trails that would otherwise be more of a challenge if using a manual pedal bike or normal eBike. For example, it means that people of different ages can take on the hobby due to the power of the mountain eBike taking on the power difference between the age differences. 

Furthermore, mountain eBikes also make the experience more fun because rather than the trail being a workout, there is less reliance on your physical health which means you can enjoy the experience and scenery more.

 Mountain eBikes also allow you to experience challenges that you would not be able to achieve physically without the extra power. For example, riding up super steep hills at a speed that can be thoroughly enjoyable.

However, the main disadvantage of mountain eBikes compared to regular eBikes is that they are much heavier. Typically due to the extra equipment required to manage the more difficult terrain, mountain e-Bikes can weigh around 22-23kg. Whereas normal eBikes weigh around 7-17kg. 

Things to Consider for Off-Road eBikes

The most important thing to initially consider for off-road eBikes is whether it complies with the EAPC Requirements as previously mentioned. 

Once you have determined whether your eBike meets these requirements and is therefore equal to a pedal bike, it is time to consider whether your bike has additional features to aid your off-road experience. 

Below are the key things you need to consider for off-road eBikes: 

  1. Length of time it takes to charge the battery
  2. Battery life duration
  3. Suspension ability
  4. Space to add additional equipment and tools
  5. Quality of the breaks
  6. Accuracy of speed sensor
  7. Overall practical ability
  8. Quality of the tyres  
  9. Weight of the bike
  10. Ergonomics of the seat and handles.

About Buy Britain

Buy Britain is the largest shoppable marketplace for locally-made products in the UK and connects you with amazing products from around the country. 

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