British-made Home Fragrance Brands

We’ve rounded up some of the best home fragrance brands and deals from UK-based makers here on Buy Britain. Not only do they smell great, but you also know by shopping local, you’re supporting small, independent businesses.

Illumigi Candles – 50% Off & Free UK Delivery

Blackberry Scented Candle

All of Illumigi’s products are handmade in England by their close-knit team: from the eco soy wax mixed and hand poured into each glass candle holder, to the carefully positioned labels… there’s not a machine in sight!

Their series of signature scents has been designed and created exclusively for them by a professional fragrance maker.

What Buy Britain loves about Illumigi: all products are vegan-friendly and available for immediate delivery – you know they won’t have been gathering dust on a warehouse shelf for ages as they’re made to order.

And for a slightly deeper fragrance, maybe the wood smoke and vanilla scented candle could be the perfect combination.

Ancient Wisdom – Room Sprays & Reed Diffusers Made in the UK

Ancient Wisdom are a manufacturer of bath, beauty and homeware products based in Sheffield. While they do import and make a few of their product lines abroad, their home fragrance range and reed diffusers are all made locally in the UK.

With over 20 different fragrances available, and two sizes (a 120ml reed diffuser and a premium 200ml reed diffuser with essential oils), their diffusers will provide up to 12 weeks of freshness.

Plus, there’s currently 15% off Ancient Wisdom products and free delivery over £25 with code WISE15.

What Buy Britain loves about Ancient Wisdom: there’s a variety of scented products on offer with a wide range of fragrances. And the muted packaging on the premium essential oil reed diffuser range gives it that ‘eco’ feel.

Definitely recommend, I purchased the orange and melon. The combination is really fresh, noticeable but not overpowering. Will buy again and try another fragrance. Bargain!

Julie O.

Candy Shop Scents – A Zero Calorie Sweet Treat

If you’re on a diet but hankering after a sweet treat, then maybe one of the Candy Shop Scents candle gift sets could work out for you.

For those who prefer a ‘sweeter’ smelling, fun candle, their sweet shop fragrance range should bring memories of your childhood flooding back!

What Buy Britain loves about Candy Shop Scents: it’s not all about the scent! Not only is the packaging funky and playful, it also aims to be eco-friendly… made from recycled card and without even plastic tabs or tape on the box.

HandMadeMandles & Half-Cut Candles

Finally, for something a little different, why not take a look at recycled candles (well, the containers – not the wax…)?

HandMadeMandles make candles in the UK from used drinks cans, and are available in unscented and fragranced “flavours”. From energy drinks to lager, you’ll find them refilling cans that were once enjoyed with eco soy wax ready a second round of enjoyment.

Half-Cut Candles take a similar stance but using the bottom half of wine bottles – hence the “half-cut”. Plus the lid to one of their scented candles is craftily taken from recycled skateboards!

What Buy Britain loves about HandMadeMandles & Half-Cut Candles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Not just repurposing the cans and bottles, but even skateboard decks too. And HandMadeMandles has around 40 fragrances available for their scented candle gifts – from delicate to ‘manly’ – the clue’s in the name!

These are just a small selection of the candles and home fragrance options available – check the British-made candles & home fragrance section for more ideas!

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