British-Made Baby Gifts for 2021

With so many gifts for newborns available, it can be difficult to choose. It’s even harder if you want something meaningful that’s British made! Fortunately, Buy Britain has helped you by narrowing your list to British-made items, you’ll have a nice selection of options to choose from, including baby gift sets and baby gift baskets.

Baby Organic Cotton Washcloth Set

New parents only want the softest of materials touching their baby’s skin, which makes this set of two washcloths such a great idea. Each is made with soft cotton yarn and is gentle enough for even a newborn’s skin. They are ideal for bath time and quick clean ups when changing a nappy.

British Wool Baby Booties

Handmade with British wool yarn, these booties are a stylish and convenient way to keep a baby’s tiny feet warm and snug. The booties each have a cute button detail and come in three sizes to easily fit any baby’s feet, now and as they grow.

New Baby Rocket Frame

When it comes to gifts for newborns, a photo frame is a sentimental choice that any parent will love. A rocket-themed frame is a perfect gift for baby boys’ rooms, and can be happily included in an outer space theme in the nursery if you want something a little different to a cutesy theme. The frame can grow with a little one, with parents swapping out the photos as the baby gets older.

Stork Bundle

Baby gift baskets are always welcome, and a stork bundle features 24 nappies and a blanket. These are items that any baby will need, so that makes this an affordable gesture to help out the parents by giving them essentials that they can’t do without. Choose from a blue ‘basket’ for a boy or a pink ‘basket’ for a girl.

Animals and Their Young Learning Card Set

Babies love to explore their surroundings and this set of animal cards can grow with them. Each card features an image of a bird or animal, with plenty of facts about each on the back. New parents can engage a baby with the bright photos of animals and read them the information as they get older and more curious.

Handmade Gift Card

If you can’t find baby gift sets that speak to you, consider giving a gift card that’ll give new parents the opportunity to choose what they want or need the most. Slip the gift card in a handmade greeting card, like this beautifully made card from Caroline Design in the Chew Valley to make it a bit more special and sentimental and memorable.

Do you have something in particular in mind that you’re looking to give as a newborn present?

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