5 British Supplements To Benefit Your Health

The UK supplements market is booming at the moment and it shows no signs of stopping. From people looking to increase their immunity to those looking to boost their health after lockdowns; there are many reasons you may want extra help from a supplement. With so many types of supplements out there to choose from and so many brands, why not choose British supplements where possible? Obviously your health goal is your number one concern. Yet it if you are faced with a selection of supplements which offer similar benefits, we think it makes sense to support the brand which is made locally.

We at Buy Britain have seen in our data that many customers are thinking in a similar way. We see that many people are searching for British-made supplements. This could be because it is seen as a mark of quality. It could be to support the local economy and jobs. It could be to be a little more eco-friendly. In any case we support it and want to help you find the right British supplements for you. We have just started exploring this category, so it is early days and we hope to bring you a lot more great brands and options in the future.

For now, in this blog, we take a look at 5 British supplements that could benefit your health in 2021. These come from two supplement brands which are made in the UK. One of them – Prowise Healthcare; you can purchase directly on BuyBritain.com with Free UK Delivery. The other that we’ve linked to is Botanycl.

5 British-made Supplements for Different Health Goals

Goal: Supporting Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a real challenge for many people. To achieve it, there is probably no overall substitute for a balanced diet and a sensible calorie deficit. However, there might be no harm in trying different additions to your regime which could give you an edge. This Raspberry Ketone & Apple Cider Vinegar supplement set by Prowise Healthcare contains compounds which may support your weight loss goal.

At the time of writing the scientific jury is still out on both Raspberry Ketones and Apple Cider Vinegar “ACV”. However, they do have many supporters who cite that it worked for them personally, as well as well established voices in the health and wellness industry. However, for many, taking a shot or teaspoon of apple vinegar is quite unpalatable. If so, then taking Prowise’s apple cider vinegar “ACV” in capsule form might be a better option for you.

An explanation of how apple cider vinegar may support weight loss

Goal: Clearer Skin

The Botanycle Skinclear Elexir could be for you if you struggle with acne or hormonal imbalances driving skin conditions. It is specially formulated with botanicals designed to support the right hormone balance for clear skin. At the time of writing this British supplement has achieved over 160 five star reviews, demonstrating it has many happy customers who believe in its benefits.

Goal: Youthful Skin, Hair & Nails

Collagen can have a wide range of health benefits. It is important for healthy bones and joints. But it could well be a useful supplement for you if you are seeking to maintain youthful looking skin, hair and nails. As we age, collagen depletes from our bodies. This depletion causes is one of the key reasons why the skin starts to form lines and wrinkles.

If you want to boost your collagen levels then this British-made collagen supplement from Prowise Healthcare could be for you.

Goal: Immunity + Healthy Teeth & Bones

It is generally well known that being out in the sunshine helps you to boost your Vitamin D levels naturally. Your skin produces it naturally through exposure to sunlight. However, for us Brits, getting exposure to sunlight is not always a viable option, and when we do see the sun, we also have to be careful not to get burnt! If you want to top up your vitamin D levels to avoid a deficiency, then you could take a look at this Vitamin D supplement, made in the UK by Prowise Healthcare.

Goal: Building Immunity Defences, Supporting Nutrient Absorption & Energy Levels

British supplement - natural plant-based vitamin C
Botanycl Natural Plant-Based Vitamin C

This natural plant-based vitamin C supplement by Botanycl offers the potential of higher absorption levels than other forms of Vitamin C. Vegans will also be happy with supplement as it is 100% plant-based. You probably know that Vitamin C helps to build immunity but it is also shown to support skin health and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

As we continue our research into supplements made in the UK, we will come back to this blog and update it from time to time with our latest finds. We also have new sellers signing up to sell on Buy Britain regularly, so watch this space as we may have more options available for you soon.

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