The best of…

We’re always on the lookout for the best British made products on the market.  Here we round up the best products we’ve found that are made in the UK. Whether you’re looking for yourself, or for a British-made Gift idea, this is a great place to get inspiration…

Sir Cherry Scented Candle by ILLUMIGI

British-made Home Fragrance Brands

We take a dive into the heavenly world of British-made scented candles and home fragrances in our latest “best of” collection. From room sprays to reed diffusers and tobacco scented candles, there’s something for everyone.

British-Made Baby Gifts for 2021

It’s always nice to give a present as a way to help the parents of newborns find their feet as they adapt to the changes. We’ve put together some of our top British-made baby gifts.

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