About Buy Britain

We’re on a mission to make it easy to buy high-quality, British-made products — direct from the maker.

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Britain has a long history of innovation in fashion, design, manufacturing, culture, media, the arts, technology – the list goes on – and the brand of Britain is recognised and highly prized globally. Buy Britain is here to celebrate and promote British makers.

Our purpose

Many people have a growing interest in supporting local British businesses and reducing the miles that their goods have travelled. However, people often say that it’s difficult to Buy British-made products. Until now.

Buy Britain is the proudly British platform for makers, producers, designers, artists and craftspeople to sell their work. Sellers can create their own shopfront on the platform and reach a wider audience by coming online in an environment that fosters and celebrates their success. We believe our marketplace model is a win-win; making it easy to Buy British and risk-free to sell your British-made products online.

Helping one another

Shopping locally is one of the best things we can do for the UK, for the planet and for one another. Support the local economy, sustain jobs here at home, reduce the miles your goods are travelling, use higher quality goods for longer — there are so many reasons to Buy British.

What’s more, you can do it all from your living room sofa. Plus, many of the sellers we hope to attract are small businesses that might struggle in the current economic climate or find it hard to promote themselves online.

Who we are

Buy Britain is a UK-based start-up (glad you found us!). We’re committed to hiring a UK-based team and working with homegrown digital technology talent. So, supporting Buy Britain is further supporting the UK economy.

We will re-invest revenues back into our platform, helping people to buy British-made products and promoting our British makers.

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